Straw Plaiting for the hat industry

During the 1800s straw plaiting provided paid employment for tens of thousands of men, women and children from Cornwall to the Orkney and Shetlands. For a variety of reasons by […]

Books for Straw Workers

Here are some books that would be useful to beginners and advanced workers. A Handful of Straw The Corn Dolly Newsletter TeamPaperback / Published 1995 / ISBN 0 9525464 0 […]

What exactly is a Corn Dolly?

When early man ceased his nomadic existence as a hunter-gatherer and settled down to cultivate the earth and produce food, he believed that the success of his labours was highly […]

Minnie Lambeth Poem

“‘Tis but a thing of straw” Copyright 1984 Corn Dolly Newsletter DID YOU KNOW THAT……………….. This lovely poem CORN DOLLY(“‘Tis but a thing of straw”) printed above, was the work of […]

Crying the neck in Cornwall

Cornwall in the summer months is a heaving mass of bikini-clad and kaleidoscopically-clothed seekers of sea, surf and summer sunshine. Where would we be without them? But behind the brash […]

Thatched Roof Ornaments

There is no finer sight than to see a newly thatched roof glowing in the sunshine topped, if you are fortunate, with a stylish straw ornament that gives a flourish, […]

FAQs About Straw

1. THE BASIC MATERIAL For Corn Dolly making and decorative straw work a hollow stemmed straw is required, with a good length between the head of the wheat and the […]