Books for Straw Workers

Here are some books that would be useful to beginners and advanced workers. A Handful of Straw The Corn Dolly Newsletter TeamPaperback / Published 1995 / ISBN 0 9525464 0 […]

What exactly is a Corn Dolly?

What exactly is a Corn Dolly? When early man ceased his nomadic existence as a hunter-gatherer and settled down to cultivate the earth and produce food, he believed that the […]

Minnie Lambeth Poem

“‘Tis but a thing of straw” Copyright 1984 Corn Dolly Newsletter DID YOU KNOW THAT……………….. This lovely poem CORN DOLLY(“‘Tis but a thing of straw”) printed above, was the work of […]

Crying the neck in Cornwall

Crying the Neck in Cornwall Cornwall in the summer months is a heaving mass of bikini-clad and kaleidoscopically-clothed seekers of sea, surf and summer sunshine. Where would we be without […]

Thatched Roof Ornaments

There is no finer sight than to see a newly thatched roof glowing in the sunshine topped, if you are fortunate, with a stylish straw ornament that gives a flourish, […]

FAQs About Straw

1. THE BASIC MATERIAL For Corn Dolly making and decorative straw work a hollow stemmed straw is required, with a good length between the head of the wheat and the […]