Current Books for Straw Craftsmen

Swiss Straw Work, Techniques of a Fashion Industry by Veronica Main MBE

Veronica Main Paperback / Published 2003/ ISBN 0 9541795 0 1

This is the definitive book on Swiss Straw Work. Veronica undertook the difficult task of analysing and recording the methods of creating straw braids and ornaments produced in Switzerland in the 18th and 19th centuries. The research at Freimter Stroh Museum, Wohlen, Switzerland has led to this beautiful and instructive book. The book builds on basic techniques for the different elements and moves effortlessly into the more advanced techniques.
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The Gleam of Straw, The Craft of Straw Marquetry by Anne Dyer

This book is filled with very valuable information on Straw Marquetry, from the materials and how to prepare them to how to produce the most complicated of designs. Reading this book will open your eyes and mind to the possibilities with straw.
The book is obtainable from Anne Dyer, c/o Westhope Craft College, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 9JL

Straw Marquetry for Beginners by Peter Shelley

This is a brilliant project-based book. Lots of information to get you started in Straw Marquetry with clear step by step instructions and over 20 projects for you to complete. This book has just been reprinted in full colour.

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Easy Straw Work for Christmas by Elaine Lindsay

This book is suitable for complete beginners, introduces you to basic straw plaiting techniques and gives you simple projects with a Christmas theme, although most of the projects can be adapted to suit any time of year. Step by step instructions and plenty of colour photographs and tips to help you achieve a good result.

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An Introduction to Making Straw Flowers by Elaine Lindsay

More basic straw plaiting techniques as well as projects for making a variety of flowers from straw. The projects vary from a daisy suitable for a complete beginner to geraniums and poppies that need a little more experience. Step by step instructions, colour photographs and tips to help you successfully make a range of floral projects.

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The Corn Dolly Newsletter

The Corn Dolly Newsletter is a biennial magazine for all straw workers. It comes in A5 format, full colour and includes articles, projects, and information for anyone interested in working with straw. Subscription is £8 per year for UK subscribers, different rates for overseas please just ask. For more information contact Elaine Lindsay,

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