Cathedral plait

A cathedral plait for a Christmas Decoration How to make the cathedral plait You will need: Tools Sharp scissors Materials 7 even sized straws without heads (the number can be […]

Tied Straw Christmas Tree

You will need: Tools Template cork board straight pins Sharp scissors Click here to download the template using Acrobat Reader software. Materials 5 long straws (medium) without heads, tempered (soaked until they […]

Tied Straw Stars

Have you admired those beautiful straw stars that appear round about Christmas time? It’s never too early to start making some for yourself. How to make a 16 or 32-pointed […]

The 5 Straw Spiral Plait

Staffordshire Knotby Jeff Tabernor of Stone YFC, Staffordshire The five straw spiral plait is the simplest of all the spiral plaits. Using a core helps to create an even plait. […]

7 Straw Flat Plait

This is a “flat plait” and is known as the Dunstable Plait (named after one of the towns involved in producing straw plaits for the hat industry). Remember the little […]

Glory Braid

One of the flat plaits, this corn dolly can be made with a simple Hair Plait technique, but the Diamond Plait gives a more decorative appearance. Very popular at Harvest […]

Straw Marquetry Valentines Cards

Sweet ‘n Simple – a special card for that special person. You will need: Tools Ruler Pencil Scissors If you use straw that needs splitting: a seam ripper or a Hindenburg. […]