The Guild of Straw Craftsmen - What's New

a corn dolly in the shape of a carpet beater

"Carpet Beater"
Worked and Photographed
by Janet Twigger

What's New in the Guild of Straw Craftsmen On-Line.

This page details the changes made to the Guild web site. Changes will be in chronological order with the oldest changes at the end.
November 5th 2009
The courses and events for 2010 have been added.

April 6th 2009
At long last we can reveal who the author of the Corn Dolly poem is and why the author chose to remain anonymous.
February 14th 2009
In response to enquiries received after the last episode of the Victorian Farm on BBC television (Thursday 12th February) we have put diagrams and instructions for the 7-straw flait plait, known as a Dunstable plait, on to the Projects page, together with a number of references. The 7-straw and the 5-straw flat plaits were two of the plaits most widely used in the straw hat industry.
January 30th 2009
The first project of the year. Make a Glory Braid.
November 28th 2008
The courses and events for 2009 have been added.

The menu at the side has been expanded so that you can navigate directly to the sections in pages with many parts.